Five operation cause of the labor insurance shoes broken

by:BEF     2020-12-09
The cause of labor insurance shoes broken are: the wrong material selection, hardness is high, use the temperature too low, concentrate the adjustable range is too wide or too narrow, not easy to find the center formula ( The best formula) Etc. , in order to help you better understand and use of labor insurance shoes, today we will take you out to labor insurance shoes bottom five operational reasons: 1, inappropriate labor insurance shoes mold temperature preheating and curing mold temperature to 35 ~ 40 ℃ advisable, too high, too fast reaction, easy to overflow, bottom is easy to produce cracks, molding would produce & other; Nest & throughout; ; Mold temperature is too low, the adverse reaction, not fully foaming, skin thickening; 2, the total casting is suitable generally material milky white, about 8 ~ 10 seconds, pouring time to no more than 5 seconds, otherwise affect mixture inside the cavity and response; 3, mixing ratio formula of optimal position error is not transferred to the center, when the metering pump or cause measurement errors, such as mixing device transformation may be is beyond the scope of the center formula allows; 4 excessive, material temperature change especially when two components is not charging at the same time, new and original liquid temperature is higher, due to the material temperature difference is too big, cause the matching error; 5, demoulding time early or C ( Catalyst) Lack of mixture in the mould has not been fully and initial curing reaction, the demoulding is likely to produce crack or break.
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