Feet to be comfortable, optional for labor insurance shoes is the key!

by:BEF     2020-12-10
“ Labor insurance shoes how to choose big or small & throughout; “ Small, steel is too hard & throughout; “ Stuffy and heavy & throughout; Purchasing said Alexander! That how to choose suits own labor insurance shoes? 1, labor insurance shoes heel do not loose just coincide with the heel is not tight, shoes fore keep 5 & ndash; 10 mm tip money can leave 20 & ndash; Was 25, labor insurance shoes shoes flank and anastomosed with the foot arch waist body 3, labor insurance shoes without help must be close to the center of gravity should be consistent with the center of gravity of the feet, the foot pressure basic uniform 4, if labor insurance shoes code number is not appropriate, would rather choose a big yards of labor insurance shoes labor insurance shoes is different from general shoes, due to the particularity of its structure, would have been wearing when feels a bit heavy, ruggedly if labor insurance shoes code number don't is very well, so wear labor insurance shoes will feel very uncomfortable, even by grinding the feet. Labor insurance shoes friendship remind: choose the right pair of labor insurance shoes, is very important!
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