Dry: synthetic materials surface of middle and primary school sports venues of new and old national standard analysis

by:BEF     2020-07-15
GB36246 - 2018 'synthetic material surface of primary and secondary schools sports venue' this standard is put forward by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and education equipment research and development center by the Ministry of Education organized by complete. Standard lasted more than two years of brewing and make final, society and industry is a big deal. It represents is not only a unified specification, or the direction of the industry and hope. New gb indicated the release of the industry into a new development period, let's stick to quality, integrity and dreams, in the unity cooperation and joint efforts, to promote the benign and sustainable development of sports flooring industry, make contributions to China's green campus construction quality. New gb for campus sports venue is a measure of the scale, the industry has the role of technological progress. The new national standard is not only to solve low bid & quot; Fast knot & quot; The fundamental, but also the development of the industry a new engine, quality upgrade of the accelerator. New GB VS the old national standard no. 1, the standard difference between the new GB standard no. : 36246 - GB The old GB standard no. : 2018 GB/T 19851. 11 - 2005 can be seen from the standard, national ministries to standardize the market for plastic and plastic stadium runway determination, standard from the original (GB/T Recommended national standards) Change to GB ( National mandatory standard) To enter the market after the completion of the material and site acceptance have mandatory standards. 2, new and old national standard of basic technical indicators different new and old national standard basic technical indicators, with the following requirements: thickness of plastic runway and course require different note: old national standard thickness of course don't have too much and the specific requirements, new gb requirement is greater than or equal to 8 mm, do 3 - to usual practice 5 mm pitch, earth-shaking changes have taken place! Plastic runway aspects because we used to do less at ordinary times 10 mm thickness, also can accept old gb, new gb obviously with standardized industry market, strictly required the thickness of the plastic runway & ge; 13mm。 ☛ different physical properties of the new national standard relative to the GB/T19851. 11 - 2005 increased the synthetic materials sports venues, cast-in-place layer on the surface, precast surface, artificial turf, shock absorption, vertical deformation, sliding resistance value, tensile strength, tensile elongation, aging resistance, flame retardant performance, such as slope, the thickness of the project and the index requirements. Here only the new national standard and GB/T14833 - 2011 contrast: harmful material set limit to index compared different new national standard GB/T19851. 11 - And GB/T14833-2005 2011 in chemical properties, harmful material set limit to of blank, be bold reforms. New gb as professional, scientific and comprehensive, it is based on a large number of detailed data, according to pieces on the basis of the discussion. New gb will promote the vigorous development of the green materials research and development of industry, to make our campus green sports venue construction level and product quality to a new level, the movement to the health of the national primary and middle school students. Attached: synthetic materials surface of middle and primary school sports venues of new national standard: http://www. ahedu。 gov. cn/uploads/file/20180717/20180717151252_66894。 pdf
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