Downhole operation personnel safety protective equipment necessary

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Downhole safety protective equipment is to maintain the necessary items of personal safety and avoid trouble. Primary include: overalls, safety shoes, industrial and mining rubber boots, helmet explosion-proof miner's lamp, etc. Each well under the personnel necessary to wear a good helmet, wear the uniform and safety shoes. A neat, tight to avoid being shift machine and live or are hung on the accident. Work addresses to drench water should wear waterproof clothing, best wai on the towel on the neck, miner's lamp miner's eyes. Well before, it is necessary to get good ones, and to take a closer look at the shape condition, check the content are: 1) Lamp holder is damaged, glass cover is shape, light ring is loose or not. 2) If the lamp box leakage. 3) Cable sheath is complete, have open wire head lamp wire connector is perfect. 4) Light lock is not tight. 5) The lamp brightness is enough. Underground, to stop turning the battery lifted the lid and lamp holder, miner's lamp once destroyed or damaged, in late well can in-situ wait bearer on well together. A cage and slope under the car should be paid attention to: 1) A cage and deviated well car, it is necessary to queue in order, don't play congestion and, to follow the hook and with Turner command, without their permission, banning cars in and out of the cage and people. 2) After entering the cage to close door, on a train to hang up after the security chain. 3) In announced after open signal and no parking sign, don't scramble up and down, otherwise, the simple present cuts. 4) When the cage and after the train, to stand or sit tight, don't head and limbs out of cans or outside the train, to avoid being damaged. When the cage soon stopped, the heel can be slightly, knee a little twists and turns, in this way, the abdomen would not have been a sensation. 5) Inside the cage containing materials, no matter how much on the material, are banning people aboard. Underground work environment is complex, in the case of light and vision is not enough good, mine workers in preventing smashing puncture proof of mining shoes is a kind of effective labor protection, avoid in underground work accidents, ensure the safety of operation.
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