Dongguan puncture proof in the bottom have what special function?

by:BEF     2020-07-10
Heard that, as long as the standing under the tree, can effectively remove in addition to static electricity, is that true? However, you can't wear shoes to reach this effect, because the light foot standing under the tree than the dry concrete or sun exposure to dry land, the humidity of soil has just under the big tree, and humidity is conductive, static electricity can natural release. The human body is a biological electromagnetic field, the life in the nature of the electromagnetic field, once the balance of nature to change or be blocked, will cause uncomfortable feeling of body and mind, bottom shoes in dongguan and puncture-proof non-conductive can bring a lot of help to our own, accumulate in the human body electrostatic too much, will cause the early ageing of the body, immune suppression and insomnia, etc. It is reported that Japan's secret is that they have a very good habit, children shoes without a rubber soles, because the rubber and artificial skin cannot conduct electricity, wearing shoes like that don't conductive and static all the edge of the earth. Want to get the secret of longevity? As long as your shoes with our dongguan puncture proof bottom is ok!
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