Dongguan puncture proof in riot gear, the effect how?

by:BEF     2020-07-27
Remember the painful events in kunming? That is the one night in March, a dozen insurgents, with a long watermelon dao in kunming railway station square, at the cut to kill innocent people around, finally led to the 28 people were killed and 113 people were injured. Several police officers also were injured in the violence and to prevent a mob crime, has finished the police and even to all the bullets in the gun. In this case, wear protective equipment for police officers is quite necessary. Protection is the most basic elements of the police protective gear, sustainable technology rapid development today, suddenly and violently fear growing destructive means, is becoming more and more powerful weapons, for protective equipment production enterprise, is a technical test. Although the protection is not absolutely 100% against attacks, but constantly improve the protective performance is the necessity of the development. Dongguan puncture proof cloth is also called 'kevlar aramid composite material is a kind of', this kind of new material, low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistant, easy processing and forming, thus brought to the attention of the people. His weight is only half as much as that of the steel plate 3 times but it can reach steel toughness, can withstand repeated collision. If use dongguan puncture proof cloth in riot gear, sure protection will be more strong.
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