Dongguan prevent hit the level of safety shoes head is what?

by:BEF     2020-07-20
Under the demand of the market, dongguan hit safety shoes head of upgrading is very fast, in the use of safety shoes in order to be able to better protect the wearer's double, choose hardness is higher, stronger protection safety shoes steel head, under the use of different requirements, the dongguan on prevention safety shoes also is divided into five levels, the five levels, respectively, are: into An1, An2, An3, An4, An5, toe resistance to static pressure is 15 kn, 10 kn, 4 respectively. 4 kn, 3。 0 kn, 1。 5 kn, toe cap internal clearance 15 mm or more. An1, An2, An3 safety shoes, with 23 kg impact hammer respectively from 900 mm, 450 mm and 225 mm high free fall, toe cap internal clearance 15 mm or more. Grade An4, An5 safety shoes to 5 kg impact hammer respectively 450 mm, 225 mm high free fall, toe cap internal clearance 15 mm or more. An1 suitable in metallurgy, mining, forestry, port, shipping, loading and unloading, quarrying, heavy industry and so on; An2 applicable to machinery, building, petrochemical and other workplaces; An3 applicable to electronic, food, pharmaceutical and other industries; An4 ~ An5 is suitable for the textile industry and fitter, toes to avoid damage of labor insurance shoes, is the necessary labor protection supplies. Today is the most commonly used safety shoes is to use the dongguan hit head of safety shoes, for its maintenance method is very simple, just like everyday for the protection of the fashion shoes, can be wiped, often clean shoe polish, etc. , can prolong the life time of the shoes.
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