Dongguan extra safety shoes to wear cloth can bring to employees

by:BEF     2020-07-15
Although there are 206 pieces of bone support human body, can do a lot of the robot can do, but it is not copper frame, in some light industries, and enterprises in order to better protection, will be for its equipped with certain dongguan puncture-proof wear safety shoes, seemingly with general wearing shoes is not much difference, so many employees only know he is a work shoes, for his role, or a little knowledge, the first have to know your own first will face in the job to which risk 1, by hard, rolling or down objects touched down. 2, by the sharp objects pierced the soles or shoes. 3, cuts from sharp objects, and even make the skin torn apart. 4, lubrication, fall. 5, contact with chemicals, molten metal, the surface of the high and low temperatures. Above all is in the midst of homework would face or will inevitably encounter danger, in order to better protect themselves, really can not be ignorant of herself in dongguan puncture-proof cloth safety shoes!
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