Don't penny wise and pound foolish, hurt most glass cuts than we thought

by:BEF     2020-07-14
Exquisite, transparent glass petite lovely, life and also often can see the use of glass in the industry, bring home decoration beautiful, in glass bring us beautiful and at the same time, also bring us some irreparable damage, according to relevant data, cut the proportion of each year in glass is up to 23. 5%, and lead to a part of function loss accounts for the proportion of 41. 5% glass, sometimes also will bring to our secondary damage, below I give everybody about the cut on the surface of the shoe story! ! ! ! Shortly before the neighbor's an eight-year-old boy, his left tail to refer cannot bend 7 years, hospitals did not find out the reason, then after repeated ask parents, just know the little boy was the glass cut in when you were 1 year old, because the wound hurts, so not to go to the hospital to cure, the wound to heal, but also slowly out of the tail to refer cannot bend, doctors diagnosed obsolete flexor tendon injury, surgery need of medical care. Appear when I was young and active, the brotherhood of small trauma, is also very common things, and sometimes even damage the nerve or tendon is also difficult to detect, but if not timely surgical treatment will affect the quality of life, serious word will bring bigger or unpredictable damage. So in daily life, we need to have the cutting on the surface of the shoes outside the normal protective, after the injury, do not ignore, should be timely treatment is to solve good way to reduce the damage extend.
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