Does labor insurance shoes glue

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Labor insurance shoes design is very important, in addition to we designed by labor insurance shoes, popular, more important is to be practical, has a market value. After completion of design, is the production of a good product, not only to personnel carefully, and the quality of the material selection, etc. Does have a glue happens, there will be a prevention and does solve glue, does below we look at the labor insurance shoes with glue is how to return a responsibility, because the main reason why does cause glue with the selection of raw materials, the use of glue liquid, craft and other factors. Does appear to prevent labor insurance shoes glue serious problems, avoid to bring great loss to the labor insurance shoes manufacturers. Tried to pass prenatal, small batch production, randomly selected labor insurance shoes by tensile test, tensile, through testing, can eventually determine the correct production process accordingly, arrange the mass production. So how to do prevention does labor insurance shoes glue? All you have to do according to the following method to do it. A: pay attention to the cleaning method, do not soak for a long time, soaking time shall not exceed 2 hours. 2: after cleaning the labor insurance shoes absolutely not quick drying, stay away from fire, avoid by all means use heat or open flame drying, easy to cause labor insurance shoes does aging and glue. Three: labor insurance shoes on a regular basis to maintain, clean, preview, keep the leather soft and moist. Four: such as long time not to wear, should first will brush clean labor insurance shoes, placed in the shade to deposit, prevent mildew. Shoes had better use filler hold up, avoid deformation. Five: don't wear the same pair of labor insurance shoes for a long time, the best two pairs of change in the way, can effectively decrease The Times of the same pair of labor insurance shoes short-term twists and turns and prevent does twists and turns out the glue. Labor insurance shoes are the two main parts surface and bottoms, surface and bottom to shoes, must be the glue liquid processing, and then through the PU perfusion, cold sticky, suture methods such as combination together. So to our labor insurance shoes does not glue, you can refer to the above methods for prevention.
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