Do you know what needs to be equipped with auto production workshop labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Labor insurance shoes used in the construction field, iron and steel, coal mine we wouldn't be surprised, but if applies in car production workshop in labor insurance shoes, will someone and small make up have the same question? In the automobile production workshop also need to wear labor insurance shoes? If you need to wear what to wear labor insurance shoes? And below small make up together and see it! Auto production line production line. Operation process with welding, stamping, painting, heat treatment, casting, forging process, such as the operation process can cause different degree of harm to the worker, to reduce the harm of enterprises must be configuration corresponding protective equipment for the employees, including helmets, ear plugs, protective gloves, labor insurance shoes, etc. Due to welding, stamping, casting, forging, such as easy to produce sparks, metal shavings scattered backplane, heavy parts, stab the hazards such as sharp objects, so the enterprise to the worker labor insurance shoes when the choose and buy, must be combined with the worker's job. The specific needs of the labor insurance shoes or security has the following categories: 1 hit labor insurance shoes: suitable for stamping, forging, casting, assembly workshop. 2 extra labor insurance shoes: suitable for stamping, forging, casting, welding workshop. 3 high temperature resistant labor insurance shoes: suitable for welding, heat treatment, casting, forging workshop. In conclusion, for car production workshop staff, according to the specific jobs to select the correct labor insurance shoes or safety shoes with special protective function is necessary, so that it can play the role of overall safety protection to them, guarantee in car production to reduce unsafe accidents.
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