Do you know how to choose a comfortable pair of safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-02
You first need to understand the protection requirements, choose the corresponding protection function. Protection function can not be mutually exclusive, such as antistatic and electric insulation is opposite function, can't meet at the same time; On the premise of meet the demand of protection, the choice is more comfortable safety shoes, improve the enthusiasm of workers wearing safety shoes. Comfortable safety shoes through ergonomics design: according to the Chinese foot type design, widen the heightening protect baotou; Special soles material, can absorb the impact energy, to ensure human body comfort; Reasonable heel design, improve stability and reduce grinding the feet. In order to prevent the forefoot squeezed; There is no impact buffer function, the body uncomfortable; Vulnerable to upper ankle friction. Comfortable safety shoes thermal comfort performance standards: excellent vamp, lining and insole material, ensure the feet in the shoes suitable temperature, humidity, sterilization deodorization; Through the design of the whole shoe to improve permeability. Prevent stuffy feet, smelly feet, foot diseases such as beriberi are produced by wet feet. Standard weight: use new materials, to reduce the body weight light, wear comfortable shoes. The heavy, long wear easily lead to fatigue. When the choose and buy themselves after a comfortable pair of safety shoes, we in the maintenance of safety shoes should be also should do the following: 1. Shall not modify the structure of the shoes, such as digging, digging holes, etc. ; 2. Check all the parts of the safety shoes is complete; 3. Correctly wear safety shoes, avoid the following conditions: barefoot wearing safety shoes. Wear the safety shoes for slippers, damage after shoes help; Don't tie his shoes wearing safety shoes. 4. After wearing should be clean and safety shoes, please do not wash with water directly, or in the sunlight; 5. Stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place.
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