Do you know about safety shoes what are the types of synthetic rubber?

by:BEF     2020-12-07
For labor insurance shoes, safety shoes, some of the shoes soles is made of rubber, and because there are a lot of different kinds of rubber, and according to the performance and usage of shoes, can choose different rubber to produce shoes shoes, also is the same for safety shoes, then you know what are the safety shoes of synthetic rubber types? The following to learn together. 1, environmental protection rubber: because this type of rubber contains 10% recycled rubber, it is mainly the purpose of environmental protection. 2, air rubber, rubber contains air, and have the function of shock absorption, but its use is not wide, and do not wear. 3, sticky rubber: it has better flexibility, and has a good anti-skid non-slip performance. 4, wear-resisting rubber: its abrasion resistance and toughness is very good, very durable. 5, hard rubber, it is full of rubber, tenacity non-slip and wear-resisting. 6, add carbon rubber: rubber material added carbon element, make the rubber more tenacious wear-resisting. If see after feel rubber original can also be changeable, so it is conceivable that make a good pair of safety shoes also need spend a lot of attention, because good safety shoes to wear comfortable, not only wear-resisting durable, and antiskid have security protection function.
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