Do you have any misunderstanding for individual safety protection?

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Now for the assignment of labor workers, repeatedly emphasize the safety of operation, to do safety construction, construction, iron and steel, coal mine safety seems to have become the industry such as emphasis on top priority, but for how to correctly do the security work, just wearing a pair of labor insurance shoes, safety shoes can easily do it? For individual safety protection misunderstanding what's wrong with you? And below small make up together and see it! On the protection theory, to protect workers from some kind of occupational disease, the safest and most effective way is to try to control from the source with steroids and hazardous source, and let the workers are in the work environment of a kind of non-toxic harmless at ease work, but this & other; Intrinsically safe & throughout; Not employers are willing to adopt protective method, is based on two main reasons: one is because the cost is too high, companies often for the interests of the reason, the head of the abandoned this excellent protection method; Another reason is that the working environment of poisonous and harmful factors cannot reduce, let alone eliminated, thus must convert ideas to solve the problem from a new Angle. The stand or fall of protection and enterprise high-level emphasis and support occupies an extremely important position, is the so-called qiaofu to no & other; M & throughout; The cook, the & other; M & throughout; First of all, it should be support of leadership, and a heart of compassion, love and compassion business owners are all employees of sadness. Return to forward, a lot of things in the decision-making is the main principle of value engineering, this is also the enterprise leadership decision preference, from a lot of practical experience, the ease of business leaders to accept the individual protection than accept source management, thus makes the individual protection industry boom. The role of individual protection is to protect the health of the individual to protect individuals against the foreign substance in the activities. Many enterprise's safety management, thinks the individual protection such as safety shoes, labor insurance shoes, safety helmet to the hands of the operator, the safety management responsibility, and to the protective effect of protective equipment and wear situation never cared about. Occupational disease protective rate is not with the protective equipment is proportional to the number of, nor is directly proportional to the number of the issue, but with protective effect is proportional to, and work safety management personnel and professional health workers must attach importance to the effect of the protective equipment in the end how to, in other words, is to pay attention to safety shoes, labor insurance shoes, helmets and other protective equipment for workers of protective effect. Make safety management in China or the workers engaged in occupational safety management must purchase quality protection articles, went up from the periphery factor protection the safety of the workers.
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