Different workplaces, please wear appropriate protective safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-25
In different place, please wear protective type of labor safety shoes, can protect your feet and legs from predictability, and the collateral damage because of the sudden foot injury, so safety shoes belong to high technology content and high added value of footwear products. In order to protect your feet and legs, safety protection, labor insurance shoes production process for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, machinery and equipment requirements are high. Different workplaces in labor safety shoes products, its performance requirements are different. Labor protection such as the construction industry safety shoes on the basic safety requirements also added other security features, industrial protective shoes for head can withstand the 20 kg hard objects from the impact of the 1 m high vertical to the ground; design of steel plate, can prevent a foot on a nail or other sharp object piercing. As well as other different categories of products, such as: skid resistance, safety, antistatic property, temperature resistance, resistance to specific fuel and chemical material such as safety labor insurance shoes. Timber or timber manufacturing needs to use chain saws, use chain saw sometimes may make the skin injury, ankle and foot, and toe, so you must wear protective shoe, such as the safety shoes. Safety standard points out that the workers must choose footwear in protection they need. There may be different due to different work environment risk, and some work environment itself different danger, therefore should choose according to different work environment suitable protective labor safety boots shoes; For the same work environment there is a danger of various situation, should choose shoes more than a kind of protection protection, labor insurance shoes. ( Safety shoes) Corrosive chemicals in the chemistry lab, when using and storing chemicals in chemical laboratory, also must wear proper safety shoes, and relevant protection, labor insurance shoes need to warehouse inventory. Punch shoes, slippers, and a similar shoes are not allowed to wearing in the chemical laboratory testing. In the laboratory in footwear must cover the whole foot, to guard the whole foot. Shoe materials including soles, cant must cooperate with laboratory environment, material handling, and in the task of. According to the laboratory conditions, protective footwear, except to provide protection should also have the slip resistance, abrasion resistance, oil, or the performance of the heat. Therefore, no matter in which industry, every potential by puncture, electric shock or electrostatic or may let the foot injury other unsafe factors, must wear suitable for the job security labor insurance shoes, to ensure the safety of operation.
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