Damage of labor insurance shoes fast? These details you pay attention to?

by:BEF     2020-12-03
The service life of labor insurance shoes, usually only 1 - 2 years, but some people use less than half a year can't wear, that this comes down to the quality problem of the shoes? In fact, is not the case, labor insurance shoes materials used are relatively expensive, so in the process of use is also going to the function of maintenance to make the shoes more long. Cortex labor insurance shoes when it's in the production of a series of production line, at the time of production complete maintenance of the shoe itself is already consumed about the same, and a lot of people have a conventional thinking, think shoes are new to what all need not tube, then get the shoes directly use, this is not right, get the labor insurance shoes should be to give it the brush on a layer of shoe polish, and then placed the day began to wear, so that can protect the leather shoes materials. To form the good habit of often change shoes, labor insurance shoes will not be able to wear every day, because it is long-term work will accelerate its degree of wear and tear, if work need to wear every day, you'd better prepare two pairs of labor insurance shoes, take turns to use. Labor insurance shoes should also pay attention to when cleaning, it's best to start with water soaking labor insurance shoes for a period of time, it can be diluted to stain, and then the relevant cleaner, water note don't use hot water or hot water, cleaning is finished to put the labor insurance shoes in a cool ventilated place, natural air dry or use hair dryer, which avoid exposure in the sun or is in the sunlight. Labor insurance shoes best serviced once every week, using six months enough to test the labor insurance shoes, when you need to ensure that the indicators can continue to use after qualified. And, of course, if the test is unqualified is can't use, because the shoes will not be able to better protect the security already.
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