Daily attention to this five can prolong the life of Chinese shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Many factors influencing the service life of the labor insurance shoes, practice, labor insurance shoes use environment, users in the use of state, are affecting the service life of the safety shoes. Under normal circumstances, the environment is good to use low strength in one to three years can be. Daily case, note that this can prolong the service life of labor insurance shoes: five o 'clock, 1) Labor insurance shoes boots besides must according to choose suitable for the type of operation condition, still should fit, make people feel comfortable to wear, it is very important to carefully select the appropriate protective shoe. ( 2) Protection to have prevent slippery design, not only to protect feet from being hurt, but also to prevent the operator of accidents caused by slip. ( 3) Various performance of labor insurance shoes, want to achieve their protective performance of technical indicators, such as the toes are not parts, foot not been stabbed, conductive insulation requirements. ( 4) Use should be inspected carefully before they are labor insurance shoes or testing, in the electrical and acid and alkali, damage and crack in labor insurance shoes are dangerous. ( 5) Labor insurance shoes after use shall be properly kept, the rubber should be used after labor insurance shoes with water or disinfectant rinse and dry, to prolong service life.
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