Bottom structure in the explanation about the piercing cloth

by:BEF     2020-07-13
In industrial production, long-term work on construction sites, mines, quarries and work environment of workers, often because of the environment has a variety of nails, wire, sharp objects, etc. , it is easy to plunge into the feet, and so on the use of insoles hope can prevent nails, wire, durable thorn, stones through the cut foot soles, such as the kiln workers stadium, wants to wear the insoles has the effect of high temperature resistant, for workers to work in the chemical field and hope the insole is could avoid acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and the material damage to the feet. But because the insoles are on the market at present is to use made of cotton piece goods, after a long dress easy to deformation, acid and alkaline environment is adsorbed on the insole, acid and alkali substances will be bring foot secondary damage. Therefore, had to prevent puncture cloth bottom in the adoption and use, it has the overall structure, all aspects of performance are better, improve the performance of resistance to damage and along the thickness, by improving the interface to enhance the integrity of the fabric and thickness in terms of performance enhancement. Overcome the laminated composite material layers performance is low, easy cause impact operating faults. Reasonable design and process to ensure the structural strength and toughness, 3 d braided composites can be overall forming complex parts, avoid caking, bolt connection and its curing damage, improve the performance of the force, make it more possesses the advantages of light weight, high strength. And puncture-proof, therefore, USES the high strength fiber cloth in the bottom after the change is not only a new breakthrough, to also bring the possibility of larger, now the technology of high-speed development, maybe in the future we can also see more new technology and new technology!
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