Bottom in the antistatic principle is what?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
Shoes, no matter what innovation and change, its purpose is not change, which is the protection performance is must. In some specific workplace will have specific work shoes wear, in order to avoid a foot injury. In the laboratory and chemical industry and so on, has the certain anti-static requirements, otherwise it will cause device error of measured data, the operator also brings certain risk factors such as, but generally work shoes, including in the soles, upper and bottom in the tongue, soles, and insoles are not equipped with anti-static function. In the process of production, transportation, storage, we know the harm of static electricity is very powerful, product is very easy in the devastation. To this, we should make the corresponding protective measures, to prevent electrostatic damage to products, machinery. In order to get rid of this problem, use the bottoms and antistatic footwear bottom is composed of conductive materials, because of this reason through the conductive rubber bonded together, shoe inner bottom surface of the upper and lower respectively on the interconnected conductive layer and the lower conductive layer, people are wearing, on foot through the conductive layer, the conductive layer, shoes in the bottom, conductive rubber footwear bottoms and connect with the earth, the human body static electricity will automatically release, it also combines the advantages of simple structure, production, method. In manufacturing anti-static shoes at work, in addition to the bottom in the antistatic, identification of need certain skills and experience. Believe in the use of anti-static work shoes staff knows, the soles material ratio has a very high demand, such as the soles color, weight, hardness, smell, performance, etc. , are quite suitable for, to this, must to understand the product, is the only way to buy the appropriate work shoes!
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