Belle shoes soles are defective into 'hornet's nest'

by:BEF     2020-07-06

belle shoes quality problems sole are into 'hornet's nest'

'belle shoes are not so beautiful, as the name of the sole is too without stepping on', recently, loudi net friend ms zhou about buying their own lack of famous brand shoes soles in January was rotten into 'hornet's nest'.

belle shoes soles

online complaints: new shoes to wear a few times sole as awl firm

according to ms zhou, she in loudi on September 25, a large department store on the second floor of the belle shop to buy a pair of high heels of autumn new fund waterproof Taiwan buckle leather women's shoes, deep mouth cash 483 yuan.

'only wear a few times, the sole is full of sand luo small hole, like 'hornet's nest', says ms zhou, she didn't buy belle shoes before, after, listen to my colleagues to introduce, pay to buy, 'thought the first time buy belle shoes, encountered such a problem'.

weeks, 'says ms sole material not beef tendon, but very soft material, like foam hand can pick the next block, by ms zhou physical pictures, you can see the shoes forefoot bottom does have a lot of shades of different sizes small incisions, part of the hole and small sand are embedded in his eyes. Shopping bills picture shows, make out an invoice for September 25, 2011.

'I go to their store counter, counter service personnel said this kind of shoes materials in this way, there is luo hole was walk not be careful, if you don't like this kind of sole, just to add a piece of the ball on its own', says ms zhou counter staff reply let very angry, 'four, five hundred pieces of a pair of shoes, the sole female yao, sales staff should also say 'not satisfied, is to eliminate to help hurl, telephone is 12315', have never seen such a business! '

belle response: of v is a special case processing as stipulated in the' 3 packets '

on October 19, the new belle footwear ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. Changsha branch call-center staff miss wang said, according to the net friend to provide shoes number BKVJ9Y1DDU1 query, the soles of shoes is made of polyurethane material, hard, there will be a trace. 'This kind of sole use fixed number of year to 2 years, and can't be stained with acid, alkali, oil, not face difficult problems', miss wang said, 'haven't met the netizens reflect this kind of situation,' it should be a special case. She suggested that ms zhou to quality identification of the quality department, if there is any quality problem, can be handled in accordance with the '3 packets' provisions of the state.

the lawyer says: if quality problems may be required to compensate

hunan human law firm wei-hua CAI said, 'product quality standard', 'consumer rights protection law' has 'baotui, proven and guaranteed repair' '3 packets' regulation, ms zhou purchased belle shoes less than a month, a bad phenomenon, to belle relevant departments to reflect, asked for identification. If the shoes quality problems, belle company shall, in accordance with the '3 packets' provisions of the state, and give some compensation; If ms zhou personal care or shoes bad, caused by the use belle company need not responsible for.

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