'Began to focus on their work, from' the top of the shoe

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Speaking of the city's beautician, we think of the green cutting workers, on the streets of the uncles and aunts, and hard work on construction. They risked and for us to build the grand buildings, in the process of construction, often there will be a heavy fall injuring workers toes of unexpected circumstances, can in order to avoid the weight when falling parts construction personnel toes, where need to construction personnel safety plastic toe cap. Because of security plastic toe cap is made of plastic PC material, so can effectively protect the clerk, toes, can bear the impact of external forces to give, but also because Ann plastic toe cap is made by PC material, it also has the advantages of light quality, insulation and antioxidant. Making is the process of the molding material is heated to softening, again will soften after molding material in a mold in high pressure molding, molding materials used contain short glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin or containing reinforced fiber braid reinforced thermoplastic resin molding material in one layer as the center, and the other a molding material as the surface layer, with sandwich interlining or to cut short fiber to form high pressure into a plate. It made safer plastic shoes head not only won't produce buckling surface is smooth, still can obtain the better the structure of the bottom, also accord with the requirement of the current environmental protection at the same time, relative to steel products with light weight and elastic deformation in favor of the walk of the workers.
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