Before wear labor insurance shoes vulnerable to six kinds of harm

by:BEF     2020-12-07
According to industrial accident statistical analysis showed that the foot is often inductrial injury of the hardest-hit areas, in order to reduce the staff in the job in a foot injury, wear appropriate labor insurance shoes is a simple and effective method. In order to let you can better use of labor insurance shoes, let's take you know before wear labor insurance shoes vulnerable to six harm: 1, by hard, rolling, or objects touched down. 2, by the sharp objects pierced the soles or shoes. 3, cuts from sharp objects, and even make the skin torn apart. 4, lubrication, fall. 5, contact with chemicals, molten metal, the surface of the high and low temperatures. 6, work in the environment full of flammable gas, if the release of electrostatic treatment inappropriate, then become a fuel source, at any time to cause explosion. In addition, the electrical conductivity of the foot can also affect employee contact power device, an electric shock hazard. That is not susceptible to wear labor insurance shoes ago six kind of harm, I believe you after understanding, select for labor insurance shoes can help. Our company is specialized is engaged in the labor insurance shoes wholesale, is a professional supplier of safety shoes, if you have this aspect demand can call our service hotline.
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