Beach trip, what is the indispensable thing?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Mid-Autumn festival just past, the summer heat just fade, coupled with the approach of the National Day golden week, there have been more and more people are planning the visit out of the plan, can think of the seaside swim, reef near to catch to catch small crabs, or bask in the sun, playing beach volleyball, take a look at the beauty of come and go, is very not easy! But travel by the sea, in addition to this the beauty of the sea, there will be some out to see small trouble, can't see, sometimes a bit dangerous, bring your feet hurt. Took advantage of the free time, ready to take their children out of the tourists can't account for the minority, Mr. Yuan this afternoon with a 6-year-old son to play on the first bathing beach, sand is very exquisite, then her son took off his sandals run, see the sea, the child is very excited, bare little feet and huan to, but I didn't think that stuck out for a while, he heard the child cries a, clutching his right foot fall in front of his father, looking ahead, only half root leftover bamboo stick impartial, just plug into the son of his right ring finger, deep in the pad, bloody, and bamboo sticks are half buried in the sand. To this, also can't hold up time, hurried to the hospital, after a tense disinfection bandage, father and son went out of the hospital, although say hurt not heavy, but this sudden situation, also the two father and son frightened, children is to say what also can't go to the seaside again, in desperation, ended the trip had to bring in a hurry. In fact as long as you pay attention to find, discarded is some bamboo sticks, and accounts for most, although every few meters on the beach there is a blue bin, there is also a sign to inform passengers don't litter, but there are always people who do not consciously, eat bamboo stick in hand, through the three or four meters. Then throw into the dustbins, most are not all in the outside, here visitors in this process, a note will be 'scam'. Inform the baths of the visitors in addition to can choose this kind of management personnel, on the choice of shoes can also prepare a pair of puncture-proof cut notwithstanding the beach shoes, shoe surface can not only make their feet on a weight more protection, at the same time, the temperature cut the cloth shoes and bring cool and comfortable, never hot feeling on the feet, even wet feet, back and didn't immediately to dry also need not worry, our anti cut vamp, he have mouldproof function, strong!
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