Be how to properly maintain the rain touch water safety shoes after labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-02
For a rainy day wear what shoes to believe everyone will have, though dressed in leather safety shoes can avoid the embarrassment of shoes into the water, but is still fraught with problems. Because there are countless leather fibre wool stoma, encounter water swells, soft, easy to make the safety shoes cortical deformation. Therefore, must not wear safety shoes when rain boots. The other in case of rain, leather safety shoes be rain soaked, taking advantage of absorbent cloth first absorb moisture on the surface of the shoes, too hard to wipe, the adhesion of dirt are in danger of scratch shoes skin, should pay special attention to. Again clean oil, in the last, put in dry ventilated place dry. Maintain supplies preparation: maintain the basics of shoes have brush, clean oil, shoe polish, cloth shoes, waterproof spray, etc. It is best to use the horse hair brush and have at least two & ndash; — Big brush shoes as a whole, small brush detail. 1, with big shoe brush brush over the whole shoes, look at the shoes along the protruding part of the presence of infected with dirt. 2, shoes along or joint part is concave and convex, use little brush to brush away dirt fine dust. 3, loosen the LACES, with a little brush to brush the qing from the outside is not easy to see the dirt. 4, squeeze a little clean oil on the cloth, covered the whole shoes, at this point, the most important thing is to remain in old shoe polish thoroughly clear coating on the shoes clean. 5, take another piece of cloth ( Cannot be used with clean cloth mixed oil) , with a little shoe polish, covered the whole shoes. The quantity of shoe polish about taking little finger size. After six, covered the whole shoes, with a clean soft cloth whole shoe polish. Detail cannot careless. 7, the waterproof spray mist. Water fog not only can make the shoes to prevent water invasion, at the same time also have not easily infected with dirt effect. After 8, waterproof spray dry, then placing shoes will last. Finally want to remind you that the above maintenance method is only a remedy after safety shoes get wet, not to safety shoes leather & other; Damage & throughout; 。 So recommend rainy day travel or avoid wearing leather safety shoes.
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