4 s shop mechanic operating labor protection

by:BEF     2020-11-26
The rapid development of society, people living standard rise, economic automobile consumption rising, then the corresponding automobile 4 s shop service business is increasing, while for auto repair shop workers, they face heavy vehicle maintenance and repair work every day, good safety and labor protection is needed, even if it's just wearing a pair of hit oil resistant puncture proof of safety shoes, also can give them enough safety protection. When auto 4 s shop repair, maintenance tools such as workers need to take a wrench for repair work, if slightly do not pay attention to wrench falling on their feet or fall on his foot, and auto parts in the absence of wear resistant to hit safety shoes are easy to make a foot injury. And prevent hit safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within shoes and shoes, and put a sponge, baotou pads at the end of article, can smooth in baotou and the integration of a shoe, can increase the folding resistance and comfort. Put inside the 4 s shop repair shop repair tools and auto parts, some with sharp edges, the staff wear and puncture-proof safety shoes can effectively prevent hurt by the sharp objects. Because puncture resistant is put above the soles sheet steel, prevent the various pointed person pierced the soles, so as to protect the foot being hurt so safety shoes. Vehicle maintenance and repair as the ground is oily be soiled, the same and will be the same in the 4 s shop maintenance, the maintenance workers wear oil resistant safety shoes, can effectively prevent the instep rub oil is difficult to do, is to prevent the risk of falls. Because oil resistant safety shoes soles and uppers are oil resistant material, will not be oily dissolve, rejecting grease has excellent effect, and the safety of the oil ground non-slip shoes. Cars need to do the maintenance regularly, 4 s shop or more daily maintenance maintenance of vehicles, and with the increase in the number of cars, maintenance workers will be more and more. These 4 s maintainer in daily work, to prevent accidental injury, they wear safety shoes is needed. For some maintenance workers wearing to smash puncture resistant to oil safety shoes, protective foot can effectively, reduce because of the possibility of heavy pressure to hit or puncture the sole, also won't worry about oil pollution to the instep. And maintenance workers wearing safety shoes can greatly improve the efficiency of your work to concentrate on work, don't worry about operation of dangerous endanger their own feet.
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