Why do consumers choose and puncture-proof cloth in the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-11
In a sense, labor insurance shoes is to belong to a kind of safe protection against the foot of shoes, he very much, the kinds of protect the toes, puncture proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistant, etc. For the selection of labor insurance shoes should be based on the dangers of working environment and damage to choose. Existing puncture proof shoes use only a single metal, the metal in the shoes bottom is very heavy, and not bending deflection, when this kind of metal in the labor insurance shoes in the bottom, need to prevent puncture environments, such as military or fieldwork when used, the shoes will be very heavy, and is not flexible, it is hard to meet the wearer need comfortable, flexible, lightweight requirements. Due to prevent puncture raw polyester cloth in the bottom to softer than metals, can be as the soles bending and bending, still can have the effect of shock absorption, so the puncture in the bottom are more comfortable to wear, shock absorption, flexible, convenient and metal shoe bottom due to its smooth surface, normally only big at using embedded in plastic shoes, craft is complex, it is difficult for other types of bottoms for non-native cast molding, and metal shoes bottom with plastic soles is not stable, easy separation loss in actual use. And anti puncture in the cloth have no such troubles, with flexible performance, shock absorption, light performance, etc. And because the metal materials thermal conductivity is fast, adhesive performance is poor and qu torsion properties such as performance, also greatly affect the wearing and comfortability of the shoe, not only reduce the workers work enthusiasm, and restricted the movement of the workers, bring unnecessary trouble. The puncture proof cloth in the bottom there are some disadvantages, first of all, the heavy shoe body can't make the wearer in action, and second, the metal bottom make work on soles of shoes can't bend with the movement of the foot, the wearer will feel stiff shoes is not comfortable. For this kind of simply puncture proof ability, but it will not take into account the wearer comfort shoes in the bottom is doomed to be will be eliminated by consumers, and only have a soft, winding resistance, strong anti puncture force of piercing cloth in the bottom is the current consumers need, and the pursuit of the foot protection product.
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