What material is the MD sole?

by:BEF     2020-07-01

MD sole is a light, elastic, and seismic performance is good wait for a characteristic do sole materials. Also called the bottom of the PHYLON, commonly known as the dragon. Hardness is controlled by the foaming temperature. Can reduce the burden of the foot.

general shoes in the bottom, made of heat compression of EVA foam composite material ( EVA secondary high pressure FRP products)

why MD?

sole hard or too thin, the impact of the ground directly impact on the foot, the foot to fatigue and injuries. End of MD ( Soft, elastic, light) , soft and elastic, the impact force can only be distributed evenly. Every increase 1 gram weight of the shoes, the foot the burden of equivalent to add dozens of grams of weight on the backs of people. Do's, therefore, can choose the shoes light, flexible, reduce the burden of the body.

PHYLON ( 医学博士) EVA secondary high pressure FRP products, running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes in the world in the bottom of the main materials, can also be used for recreational shoe soles. Secondary foam: after the material injection mold, by high temperature after heating fire twice molding shoes in the bottom, is called the secondary foam in the bottom, namely we often say the PHYLON bottom

advantages: light weight, good elasticity effect, shock resistance effect is good.

disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, when high temperature shrinkage of light weight, so EVA outsole, the shoes will have the feeling of a very light.

press with finger will have a feeling of soft, leaves indentation

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