What is EVA material?

by:BEF     2020-06-30

EVA of EVA plastic raw materials for ethylene - Vinyl acetate copolymer English name:

chemical ethylene - Vinyl acetate copolymer

soles' target='_blank'>EVA soles are commonly used in the product structure design, and EVA soles can act as shock absorption and cushioning in the product design.

common characteristics EVA sole of vinyl acetate content of less than 20%, then can only be used as plastic. EVA sole has good low temperature resistance, the thermal decomposition temperature is low, at about 230 ℃ or so, with the increase of molecular weight, EVA softening point rise, processability and gloss drops on the surface of the plastic, but strength increases, the impact toughness and resistance to environmental stress cracking, EVA soles, chemical resistance, oil resistance compared with PE, PVC is a bit poor, and with the increase of the content of vinyl acetate, change is more obvious.

the purpose of the EVA resin

usually, under 5% of the EVA vinyl acetate content, its main products are thin film, wire and cable, LDPE modified agents, adhesives, etc. ; Vinyl acetate content was 5% ~ 10% of EVA products for the elastic membrane, etc. ; EVA vinyl acetate content in 20 ~ 28%, mainly used for hot melt adhesives and coating products; Vinyl acetate content was 5% ~ 45%, the main products for the film ( Including agricultural film) And sheet, injection molding, molding products, foam products, hot melt adhesive, etc.

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