What is a composite material safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-07-11
What is a composite material safety shoes? In recent years, due to the security problems, steel head of safety shoes for other non-magnetic materials to replace gradually, and the application of glass fiber reinforced plastic as a safety shoes head is an ideal choice. Glass fiber reinforced composite toe cap can heat 200 ℃, and cold - 40 ℃, also resistant to acid and alkali, can meet the needs of the footwear production process and suitable for harsh climate in the environment. Experimental results show that glass fiber safety shoes head very environmental protection, without recycling, after long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays biodegradable; The anti-static function, and prevent bacteria, non-toxic, no volatile objects; In addition, there are super light thin and security is not deformation, can absorb and decompose the impact force. When faced with huge impact, the top of the shoe will be radiated cracks, without concave deformation like steel head, so that it can't be broken foot, which have excellent protection effect. In safety shoes production, steel toe cap to use steel mould, shape the mold cost is higher, but the glass fiber reinforced plastic toe cap mould cost is low. For shoe factory, the process does not need to change, and thus can be easily used. And compared to steel, aluminum alloy toe cap, glass fiber reinforced plastic shoes head more easily and material adhesion, processing more convenient. The end user applications, in addition to enjoy the basic security features, because of the glass fiber reinforced plastic toe weight is lighter, the wearer will feel more comfortable, will not lose a sense of balance by head heavy with light. Good resilience of glass fiber reinforced plastic can be developed glass fiber elastic mat, glass fiber elastic cushion can be used alone, also can be combined in the ordinary insole. Glass fiber elastic cushion shape molded in a standard foot, has the good corrective walking function. The epicenter suction bottom elastic insoles through moisture absorption perspiration technology processing, has the very good shockproof, antibacterial deodorant, sweat and breathe freely, the foot feels comfortable effect, suitable for all kinds of shoes. Biggest advantage is its rebound function, make the wearer to receive strength evenly in the feet, and because of the glass fiber reinforced plastic fiberglass are arranged freely crisscross, have very strong nails puncture proof function. At present, the global environmental protection concept has been further strengthened, steel toe cap with leather or lining material together, not separate, difficult to recycling in garbage disposal, but the glass fiber reinforced plastic toe with the vamp material can natural decomposition, very accord with environmental protection trend. FRP elastic insoles also play a role of safety shoes lumbar iron puncture-proof, its corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and excellent springback deformation features, will be more and more get the welcome of the industry.
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