What EVA sole injection molding machine improvements and different places

by:BEF     2020-06-29

we introduced an EVA soles in front of the principle and function of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine and what's different about the EVA sole, what new features?

new modified EVA sole injection molding machine performance:

1) Modifier can improve the mechanical properties of E/VAC A, but the mechanical properties of matrix will be reduced with an increase in the amount of the compatibilizer B. In the ratio of foaming agent and crosslinking agent the same case, matrix modifier dosage of A number of blend of foaming material of low density. Visible modifier A join will make it easier to blend matrix foaming.

( 2) Based on the different substrate of similar density of foam materials research has shown that the performance of the matrix and some properties of foam material with consistency. Under the appropriate proportion, the addition of modifier A peel strength of foam material, under the certain proportion can reduce the hardness of foam materials.

( 3) By investigating the different dosage of DCP crosslinking agent and foaming agent AC effect on the properties of foam material, found that an increase in the amount of DCP can make the density of foam material, and comes with the increase of hardness of foam materials and peel strength; Elasticity increases with an increase in the amount of DCP, first then decreases. An increase in the amount of AC reduce the density of foam material, and foam material hardness and peel strength decreased; Elasticity increases with the increase of dosage of AC.

all in all, EVA sole injection molding machine has a lot of good places.

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