What are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber sole safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-07-05

in safety shoes sole material choice, have a genuine leather soles, rubber sole, pu sole variety of choice, of course, the soles of shoes of different advantages and disadvantages of different ways. Today mainly as an introduction and what are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber sole, and see it together.

rubber sole, by hot compression molding, can be divided into natural rubber and reclaimed rubber. Quality heavy oil resistant, molding bottom must be in the joint surface coarse grinding, easy to shorten the heating, color is not consistent.

it's disadvantage is that the material is heavier, easy to vomit cream ( Belong to quality problems) , not easy corrosion ( Environmental issues) ; Not hard, easy to be pierced through; Bad air permeability, hygroscopicity, afraid of oil immersion, should not be in the filling station in contact, such as oil.

it has the advantage of good wear resistance, prevent slippery, elastic, not easy fracture, flexibility is good, good expandability and shrinkage stability, hardness, bending and waterproof.

rubber foam: weight lighter than rubber soles, rubber, on time, with his fingers on the surface of a rebound than ordinary sole, wear-resisting performance is poor.

high-pressure polyethylene rubber base: flavour ingredient in high pressure polyethylene and rubber soles, rubber and plastics.

raw rubber, quality, and the heavier and more expensive, oil resistant, heat resistant, easy to change color.

through the above introduction, want everyone to this kind of sole had certain understanding, if there are other problems are also welcome to contact us at any time.

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