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by:BEF     2020-11-24
Safety shoes, just as its name implies is to protect the safety of the feet of shoes. Is generally referred to as the safety shoes and protective shoes, safety shoes belong to high-tech content and high added value of footwear products, safety shoes production process for raw materials, equipment and other requirements are relatively high, the current domestic many has a certain scale and level of shoemaking enterprise has set his sights on safety shoes this past by developed countries occupy the market areas. Safety shoes, that is, we often say the labor insurance shoes, his main work is to protect our feet from being hurt by the external force! The function of the safety shoes by far the most commonly used is the hit, piercing, anti-skid, anti-static, etc. In recent years, many enterprises are very focus on guard tool use, also actively carry out many protection tools in learning and training, but in it, a lot of enterprise staff for insufficient protection tools in knowledge, also can appear a lot of relevant error, attention below small make up to sort out the part of the safety shoes! Safety shoes use notice: first, people have a need to have a rest, the shoes is not exceptional also, if you think your shoes are more comfortable, their healthy, then please pay attention to maintain your own shoes. Shoes also want to have a day off. Interact daily wear a pair of shoes, two pairs of shoes can wear more durable, and stored in a dry place. Second, a new safety shoes, namely to be refurbished, the dirt of the day, Oil pollution, etc. ) To remove the same day, at the same time to prevent damage or dirt, and wipe clean on new shoes. Third, we should pay attention to waterproof, leather will harden after water, of course also can shorten life, always protect skin oil, pay attention to waterproof. Fourth, to dry in a timely manner. Safety shoes the most important thing is not to let it have been in the wet state. If wet, dry it in a well-ventilated place. Fifth, when sharing a pair of safety shoes, safety shoes should be regular cleaning, disinfection, so as to avoid infection. Sixth, pay attention to prevent our foot health, when wearing shoes are too tight and too heavy security, easy propagation of the foot mold such as athlete's foot. Seventh, prevent electrostatic with safety shoes, work shoes should be paid attention to when using the following matters: ( 1) Floor when the leakage impedance of great ( More than 1010 w) , it is best not to expect it to prevent electrostatic effectiveness. ( 2) Soles with attached insulation material ( Such as paint, plastic, etc. ) When, had better don't expect it to prevent electrostatic effectiveness. ( 3) In order to prevent the human body with electrostatic, for the purpose of can't contact with the electricity department. ( 4) After wearing for each over a period of time must be according to the standard of Chinese national standard test method to confirm its prevent with static function. ( 5) In order to maintain to prevent electrostatic shoes with the function of static electricity, shall not, without reforming the internal structure and using insulation insoles.
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