Smashing ventilative labor insurance shoes is superior to traditional labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Because of the work environment, many of the workers not at work wear sandals, slippers, and some tennis shoes and casual shoes, can only put on strong labor insurance shoes, feet can't breathe freely for long time, in the long run, the foot will desquamate, stink, severe cases may even cause widespread fungal infection. Someone will ask, what did that labor insurance shoes, permeability is good? There are! FH1961 hit ventilative safety shoes! The effect of the shoes not only conform to the labor insurance shoes all standard, and permeability, comfort is second to none. Prevent hit a ventilation safety shoes of the head is hit in baotou steel, soles for the density of PU injection outsole, separate puncture proof sheet steel, fully meet the standard of the labor insurance shoes. At the same time prevent hit air safety shoes ankle completely accord with human body engineering design, effectively avoid followed by the foot. Vamp is made of high quality leather fabric and nylon honeycomb mesh design, natural and no stimulation, natural ventilation air in shoes, wearing more comfortable, and most of the safety shoes is suitable for wear in the workplace, working life can be used to wearing. Safety shoes than traditional labor insurance shoes, have more new advantages, in addition to breathe freely and comfortable, it is also the fashion trendy, fashionable, and the traditional labor insurance shoes without feeling of light, in the spring and summer season suggest workers still wore the permeability good safety shoes.
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