Should pay attention to labor insurance shoes production process monitoring

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Part of labor insurance shoes, high-quality product quality from raw materials, and in part from the strict production process control, the importance of any one link can determine a the quality of the labor insurance shoes, so we can't ignore the process of production of labor insurance shoes. In the process of production of labor insurance shoes will go through a lot of the working procedures, and these processes especially need to pay attention to the operation of the operating personnel master degrees. Some process for some old operator, because they have experience and skilled operation, it is relatively easy to operate. But many of the new junior operator only mastered the basic operation mode, on the master degree is weak, so the quality of the labor insurance shoes will inevitably exist. , for example, at the time of cold glue on Chinese shoes soles, there is a step to good line in the picture on the pile of shoes in the brush the glue, but this step in the old operator seems very simple, how many master very precise and glue, glue brush may be just good, can not only meet the quality requirements of labor insurance shoes, and will not affect the aesthetic of labor insurance shoes finished product. While in the operation of the new brush glue on the master degree of balance not precise enough, in order to meet the quality of the labor insurance shoes and brush too much, lead to labor insurance shoes is beautiful. So in the production of labor insurance shoes, strengthen the new staff training, increase their operating proficiency, asking them to strictly according to the demand by labor insurance shoes production step, step by step, to produce superior products, this is a labor insurance shoes manufacturer enterprise have to the task of trying to do.
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