Select the hit four key points to consider when safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Safety shoes also called labor insurance shoes, safety shoes and protective class is shoes. Either in the form of a work environment, good anti safety shoes to protect feet from harm, increase the friction, damping and joint protection function. In addition to this thought, our safety shoes when the choose and buy, consider the following four points: 1, the shoe breathable: should choose breathable leather uppers, toe tips to wide, stretching to toe, heel parts to ensure that the heel can also slide back and forth. 2, soles elastic: labor insurance shoes soles usually must have air bags or certain support, elastic feeling better when trample. 3, insoles can unpick and wash, labor insurance shoes insole is closest to the foot of a layer, can reduce the impact of the movement brings to the soles, prolonging the life of the shoes. But must insoles can unpick and wash, to ensure the health in the shoes. 4, reflex zones clear: labor insurance shoes vamp reflex zones should be larger, like to work at night can make people safer.
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