Safety shoes need to have what function?

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Different circumstances, the use of safety shoes are not the same, in some cases, different functions of safety shoes can't cross use, so you need to understand each kind of security function and use of the environment, can be very good to protect the personal safety of users. He brought together under the know about the function of all kinds of safety shoes have? As a result of the classification of the safety shoes basic are classified according to the function is more, although different manufacturer's product functionality is different, each need to use the understanding of the basic function of safety shoes security sense, can make the action of the normal protection safety shoes. Safety shoes manufacturers, in order to convenient in management and user recognition, often on the packaging has the function of the corresponding identification marks. Listed below are the common function of the safety shoes. Introduce the basic function of safety shoes: prevent hit & ndash; — Using industry standards ( Protect the toes safety shoes LD50-94) And protect the toes safety shoes lining for baotou steel, both static pressure resistance and impact resistance, puncture-proof, smashing, very safe, upon examination, resistance to pressure for 10 kn, 23 kg impact hammer toe resistance to impact since the 450 mm height after free fall impact the top of the shoe, shoes deformation clearance & gt; = 15 mm, mainly is suitable for the mining, machinery and construction safety, gold smelting, steel, port loading used in heavy industry, such as, play a protective toes safety shoes, there is rubber and elastomer, wearing comfortable, and does not affect the daily operation of labor. Puncture proof & ndash; — To protect feet from sharp objects stabbed, maximum bear the puncture force of 1100 n, national super standard. Antistatic & ndash; — Anti-static shoes according to GB4385-1995 standard production, resistance value range is 100 k & rsquo; Ω-1000M’ Ω, this product has the good permeability, antistatic, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, and other functions, mainly is suitable for the aviation, aerospace crisis has played a very light industry to avoid flammable and explosive accidents due to static electricity. Oil resistant & ndash; — According to the oil standard test, the volume increase is not greater than 12%. If the volume is not increases, and narrow, the narrow quantity is greater than the original volume of 0. 5% or increase hardness greater than 10 ( Shao Er A) A flexible 40000 crack growth are not more than 7 mm. Anti-slip & ndash; — Rubber eleusine indica, excellent antiskid performance. Resistance to acid and alkali - meet GB12018 & ndash; 89 standard requirement. Insulation & ndash; — In ac 50 hz, insulated shoes can or dc 1500 v and 1000 v and below the following work on electrical equipment, as the auxiliary and safe appliance and labor protection articles in leather shoes. Wear resistance, high quality shoes, rubber soles, suitable for a variety of environments. Warm & ndash; — Warm shoes foot protection for workers at low temperature, in order to avoid the frostbite. Waterproof, water shoes for ground water or splashing water workplaces. In addition to the above several kinds of functions, there are suitable for soles heat insulation of the railway laborers is suitable for the soles reinforcement of construction workers, suitable for food, protective shoes soles moisture-proof liquor-making workers, and so on. When the choose and buy must see clear the functions and characteristics of the shoes, in order to avoid errors, please pay attention to the company's website and shoe number to the public.
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