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by:BEF     2020-12-02
The foot protection is an integral part of the body health. Industry production, there are all kinds of risk of foot, and injuries can happen at any time, so workers wearing safety shoes can effective foot protection, avoid foot by weight parts damage. In the face of increasingly heavy work, security become the priority conditions. Industrial manufacturing production operations, and includes all aspects of the people live and work, cannot leave the safety shoes for foot protection, safety shoes, so to speak are indispensable to people's life protection articles. As the bridge construction surrounding environment is complex, terrain and even more risks, aerial work, the more difficult construction, many uncertain factors, so in order to ensure safe operation, construction personnel in the hit and puncture-proof safety shoes is needed, reduce construction work in the incident, the construction to minimize harm. Loggers, coal mine, explored the work scene, also will encounter to the foot of the danger, they also need to wear the smash puncture prevention safety shoes to protect your feet, such as complex terrain in the coal mine environment, if the existence of nail sharp objects on the ground is very dangerous, and explored outdoors when the mountain rock slide and so on, the harm of these uncertainties in the event, if workers wearing safety shoes can greatly reduce the damage. At present, the domestic safety shoes design and technology has started with foreign standards, gradually using computerized management, electric insulation, antistatic, acid and alkali resistant, puncture proof, protect the toes, general safety shoes and so on several categories, has good resistance to oil, prevent hit, anti-static, piercing, acid and alkali resistance and insulation performance. Foot health is important strut way forward human foot health only can ensure our security work, rest assured. So the workers consciously wearing a pair of safety shoes is very important. Hebi co. , LTD. , strength of labor insurance shoes manufacturers, production of various kinds of multi-function safety shoes, industrial rubber, rubber shoes, work shoes, and provide personalized processing customized safety shoes. Factory direct sale, high quality and low price, welcome to choose and buy, telephone 0371 - 53378753!
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