Safety shoes by protection function is divided into which a few kinds?

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Different safety shoes have different scope, different functions: 1, the protection of digit security for safety shoes in baotou AN1 level, suitable for loading and unloading, quarrying, mining, oil, metallurgy, ports, machinery, construction, forestry, chemical industry, etc. 2, puncture proof safety shoes pierced strength for level 1, suitable for mines, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry, etc. 3, electric insulation safety shoes is suitable for the electrical, electronic operators, cable installation work, substation installation, etc. Note: suitable for power frequency voltage up to 1 kv working environment, work environment should be able to keep dry and vamp. Avoid contact with sharp instrument, high temperatures and corrosive substances, help bottom can not have corrosion damage. 4, antistatic safety shoes can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation, suitable for flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators, such as liquefied petroleum gas filling work. 5, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes: suitable for electroplater, pickling, electrolysis, liquor industry, chemical industry operators, etc. Note: acid and alkali resistant shoes can only apply to general concentration lower alkali workplaces; Should avoid contact with high temperature, leakage of sharp instrument injury vamp or soles; After wearing applied to acid and alkali liquid, wash your shoes and then to dry, avoid direct sunlight or drying.
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