Is there any requirement on antistatic bottom in use?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
In order to better production and protection of production machinery, many factories enterprises began to attach importance to the antistatic work, have so of consciousness is very good, want to know is at the same time, in addition to anti-static, specifications have to be used. The use of anti-static shoes is to eliminate the human body can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation, suitable for easy work sites, such as add with operators, such as liquefied petroleum gas filling work. But note that wear anti-static shoes should not wear thick woolen socks or use of the insulation insulation insoles. Anti-static shoes with antistatic clothing at the same time. Anti-static shoes is generally not more than 200 hours should be resistance test once, if the resistance are beyond the scope of regulation, it cannot be used as antistatic shoe, and performance as well as various aspects of insulated shoes are not as good as the effect of anti-static shoes. Also in the process of antistatic of bottom, must make the pledge that we shall use place is all some conductive surface, the purpose of using this antistatic bottom is conductive to prevent, and no other purpose, that is to say, if in the usual time, your workplace is there any requirement for anti-static, then you can choose not to use all. On the use fixed number of year, antistatic is in the bottom has a fixed number of year, if in more than 200 times, you will need to carry on the resistance measurement, if the measured resistance value is lower than 5 of 10 square ohm, so can't continue to wear. If the measured resistance value also meets the requirements, in also can be worn for a period of time, but often need to measure.
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