India's sole leather demand very good polishing shoes upper leather for popular in South Africa

by:BEF     2020-07-09
Indian raw skin suppliers are still under the influence of Saravan month, during this period, the Hindu suspended meat, resulting in fewer raw hides and skins in the market. Since mid-september condition should be improved. Goat: domestic trade size is 3/4 square feet of TR1/2 fur the emergence of new demand. 5/8 square feet of large fur stable demand, but supply is limited. Price stability. In addition to the usual buyer for 4/6 square feet of fur purchase action is relatively slow. Suede leather trade stability. Good quality product prices increased by 0. 50 rupees. From the leather garment manufacturers demand for suede last but modest. Suede leather shoes trading, trading volume is slow, price stability. How to quickly find a buyer. Lining leather trading performance is stable, also in some areas may be slightly higher price. Some producers to delay the production plan, tend to do a good job in hand first. Mesh leather prices unchanged, and increased by 0. 50 rupees. Sheep leather, footwear manufacturers work stability, keep wet blue transactions active, strong prices. Buyer to hold down prices, but these are all of a sudden. Buyers from the far east, especially from Japan, the demand for natural full chrome leather is still slow. However, lower level products still sells well, market price stability. In northern India on resin soft sheep leather shown lasting interest. Mother cow leather, wet blue appears more transactions, prices rose by 1. 00 rupees. With the TR 1 - Traders on the TR 4-3 8 show more interest. Low grade products of limited supply, the price is so strong. Shoemakers in the current price of the chrome lining taupe leather has a common interest. In northern India on the shoe upper leather, calfskin with demand. Mother calf leather: from northern India buyer mother calf leather trades by stability. Buffalo hide and light soft leather: very good demand for soles of leather. Leather production, rather than in the domestic market sales, export sales. Because of the price of the domestic market is better. Light soft cowhide strong demand, only 3 to 4 weeks, prices soared by 5. 00 rupees. Soft calf leather: because in during the off season, the supply is small, because the price is firm. The real deal will begin at the end of the month, and last to the end of the year or two in the middle. Goat: export trade from Europe since the end of the holidays, the glaze of a high-grade finished leather or polishing demand there is still no improvement. However, half chromium and chromium in the lining of leather of more demand. Many types of transactions are 0. 85 euros/a price per square foot, sellers must before shipment in November. Too few new quotation and 5 euro cents higher, but buyers are still resisting the price of this growth. They privately said can accept the highest price is 0. 86 euros per square foot. Seller said must close to reset the price, otherwise will not be confirmed. Sheep skin: from Europe for polishing processing soft sheep leather has some scattered enquiry. The original skin quantity increase, so the price higher. In the far east traders interested in a few varieties showed some. Japanese traders to natural pure chromium suede demand is still very slow, prices remain unchanged. Cowhide leather lining: European traders moderate demand for lining taupe leather, but the limited supply. Leather production business is not very enthusiastically offer, they want to much to 5 to 10 cents, or prefer to wait. This is the reason of raw hide price growth. Buffalo hide: only in northern India leather production company in the bidding. In southern India the tanning of leather production traders prefer to stick to the domestic trade. Light soft leather: South African traders demand for polishing the instep leather is quite good. Soft calf leather: because is still in the off season, offer very little. At the beginning of October there will be a product for sale. Raw material raw hides and skins: goatskin price stability in southern India, and gained five rupees, northern India price is higher than that of the southern five rupees. Sheep skin has increased by 10 rupees in southern India, north of price stability, however, rose by only five rupees. Cowhide price for more than 15 to 20 rupees. Mother calf leather price remains the same. Soft calf leather due to the low production now, down 5 rupees.

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