How about BEF Shoes Material R&D team?
The R&D group of GuangZhou BEF Shoes Material Co.,ltd is highly educated and are all specialists in the industry. Under the guidance of an efficient management, the staff in the department are all of dynamic and innovative abilities consistently pursuing excellent innovation to develop new products. As business quickly grows, we have drawn more and more staff that are proficient at producing high quality quarter round molding .

Is China's outstanding overall solution provider for memory foam shoe soles systems. BEF Shoes Material Company provides a wide range of loafers rubber sole for customers. shoe insoles get great attention for the reason of heel insoles for boots. It has reliable colorfastness when exposed to light. BEF Shoes Material Company's commitment is to provide new shoe sole technologies to customers. Being non-slip is a big selling point of this product.

We make customers more aware and confident in their sneaker rubber sole projects. Please contact us!
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