Eva sole manufacturer to tell you some small expanding knowledge

by:BEF     2020-07-05
Is characterized by good flexibility of Eva soles, rubber elasticity, under 0 ℃ can still has good flexible, good transparency, or surface gloss, good chemical stability, anti-aging and good ozone resistance strength, non-toxic. With good packing mixing, colouring and forming good workability. So Eva insoles production by which several steps? Eva sole manufacturer told everyone usually Eva insole molding production for cold press molding, the main production steps are as follows:

will laminating fabrics Eva material, cut to fit the size of the insole mold size; Will suppress good Eva foamed soles for trimming and cutting. Make the insole; Put to the softening of the Eva material molding machine mold. Molding is usually hollow, with cooling water mold temperature control at 15 Between 20 ℃. Eva foamed sole materials cold and pressure inside the mold, the Eva material change shape, form the insole shape; Put cutting good production Eva insole material, to around 150 - Until 190 ℃ baking in the oven, Eva material soft, maturation.

Eva shoe material used for ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer, is made by ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymerization, content at 5% ~ 40%. Compared with polyethylene, Eva due to the introduction of vinyl acetate monomer in the molecular chain, which reduces the high crystallinity, improve the flexibility, impact resistance, heat intermiscibility of filling and sealing performance, are widely used in hot melt adhesive, foaming shoe materials, packaging film, functional areas such as films, cable and toys

Eva features: resistance to water, not bibulous, airtight bubble pore structure, moistureproof, good water resistance. Corrosion resistance: oil, water, acid, alkali resistance and other chemical corrosion, non-toxic, antibacterial, tasteless, no pollution. Machining: no joint, and easy to hot pressing, coating, cutting, such as laminating processing. Shock: high resilience and resistance to tension, high toughness, good shockproof/cushioning performance. Heat preservation, heat insulation, excellent insulation cold and low temperature resistance, resistant to cold and exposure. Sound insulation sex: airtight bubble hole, sound insulation effect is good.

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