Cloth to burn in the bottom of shoes?

by:BEF     2020-07-07
Cloth to burn in the bottom of shoes? Cloth to burn in the bottom and a bottom of PHYLON, but the design feeling of the whole of the designer in order to pursue a shoe-making technology, the best example of this is that the shoes in the bottom and the shoe body with the same kind of fabric, the combination of the whole, makes the shoe body and soles is one of the highlights of the shoes production process. Implement the process is wrapped in selected fabrics, established the PHYLON bottom, high temperature in the mould, becomes the LB1 as we see cloth texture of shoes in the bottom. Although in terms of overall bottom in the exterior of the simulation of shoes and true appearance is almost perfectly, but in the bottom of shoe material will still have gap, although in the bottom of the material is EVA second foaming material ( We often say the PHYLON) , but burned out by the end of holiday shoes and really hard and soft affirmation is not the same, really shoes PHYLON press with finger, feel soft and moderate elastic, with her nails in the press, after the PHYLON naturally back in not according to the state before, not long time leave nails according to the record, while the fake shoes PHYLON reach true shoes of that kind of level.
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