Anti-static shoes with anti-static special in the bottom

by:BEF     2020-07-14
Now in the market can be in the production of anti-static shoes factory is a dime a dozen, consumers can choose the type and style are very rich, such as shoes, labor insurance shoes, sports shoes, but the main electrostatic properties of anti-static shoes also has the very big difference, this caused a certain security hidden danger to the use of personnel, some anti-static shoes resistance value is too small, it is easy to cause electric shock risk, will threaten the life safety of use of personnel, and some of the anti-static shoes resistance is too large, also cannot achieve the effect of anti-static, were more likely to lead to static accident. These will brings to the enterprise itself must be safe hidden trouble, at a petrol station in the September 11 go player go, ignition accidents happened in the process of electrostatic and afterwards, the survey found that employees wear anti-static fire accident, after the event, the survey found that employee wear anti-static shoes is unqualified, it is considered one of the main cause of the accident, therefore, in order to reduce electrostatic accidents, to strengthen the detection of anti-static shoes and anti-static special bottom screening is necessary. Anti-static shoes can do anti-static function, its principle is to make the earth and the human body connected to the ground, to achieve the purpose of the release of the human body electrostatic, make human body potential does not exceed TVC, compared with the ordinary shoes, anti-static shoes soles through the anti-static processing, coupled with the use of anti-static special in the bottom, can make the anti-static shoes can achieve an ideal effect in integral.
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