Anti-static shoes do you wear the right thing?

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Anti-static labor insurance shoes is one of the special working environment in the shoes, wear anti-static labor insurance shoes can effectively protect the right foot, the correct dress method is: first, to ensure rapid eliminate accumulation of human body electrostatic, work at ordinary times when the ground resistance should be not greater than 1. 0× 10 ~ 8Ω; Moreover, anti-static in labor insurance shoes, wear is also have certain requirements, at the bottom of the shoes cannot be stained with insulation impurities, at the same time to waterproof, moisture-proof; Finally, avoid wearing thick socks of the insulation at the same time, as well as the insulation insoles, etc. Antistatic safety shoes soles resistance must be zero. 5× 105 ~ Ω to 1. 0× 10 ~ 8 Ω range, wear with 200 hours should be the soles resistance measurement, to ensure that the resistance value of shoes within the prescribed scope. When the electric resistance of anti-static shoes, should pay attention to the following: 1, the first place after vulcanization shoes more than 24 hours, and then in measuring the required temperature and humidity environment placed more than 2 hours, so as to measure the standard answer; 2, connection electric circuit, applied to measure the voltage on the shoes for 500 & plusmn; 25 v, electrical power must not exceed 3 w, and make sure the shoe body contact with the measuring electrode good; 3, voltage source of the output voltage will be dispatched to the value stipulated in the anti-static shoes; 4, in a report issued by shall accurately record test condition of the shoes, such as temperature, humidity, shoes model and measurement results should be filled in truly and correctly.
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