Anti-static labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) In the winter without

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Enter winter, many people are in work and in life be electricity number more and more frequent, in the car door, turn on the light, when the tap could be flash DaiXiang electrostatic a scare, even sometimes feel the sting of a strong shock. Which to work in some of the electronics industry, electrical industry, instrument industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, more need to be anti-static protective measures, anti-static labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Is necessary, so that staff can focus on their work at work, not afraid to be beset with electrostatic! Anti-static labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Also called anti-static shoes, is a kind of in order to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazard in work and in work shoes. Anti-static shoes can lead from human body electrostatic earth, thereby eliminating the human body static electricity, and for some companies work workshop is dust-free purification workshop, anti-static labor insurance shoes can effectively restrain personnel in the clean room produced by walking around in the dust reaches a certain dustproof effect. Use anti-static tip: Chinese shoes to wear with antistatic labor insurance shoes, conductive shoes should not wear thick woolen socks of the insulation and insulation insoles. Use anti-static place of labor insurance shoes should be anti-static floor, use conductive shoes sites should be conductive surface. Wearing process, generally no more than 200 h should be resistance test again. See if better introduction, help you solve the problem of how to effectively anti-static in winter, except for some industries mentioned above must wear antistatic safety shoes, and we can take a few tips to solve electrostatic problems of life, such as: in the winter, try to choose high moisturizing cosmetics; Barefoot is advantageous to the surface of electrostatic discharge, resting at home, don't let everything can be barefoot opportunities; As far as possible, let the body more contact with metal pipes, such as water pipe, gas pipe and so on, so that the body of static electricity conduction quickly to the ground.
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