Anti puncture in the bottom of buy exactly is better or not soft soft?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
China is a populous nation, is also a producer, for light workers is rising year by year. These work in the special environment of workers and their working conditions are often met with all kinds of nails, wire, such as sharp stones, very easy to plunge into the feet, with some also want to prevent puncture in the bottom it is durable, prevent nails, wire, cut stones through the soles foot so the performance of the protection. For kiln stadium workers, because of its high temperature of working environment, to prevent puncture in the bottom is also hope can be the pursuit of high temperature resistant, for workers to work in chemical field, the hope can avoid naisuanjian corrosion, acid and alkali substances to protect the foot injury. So the question is, come! We all know the puncture in the bottom must be considered when they are in the design to all kinds of problems, unfortunately some consider sometimes lead to other problems. Can choose, for example, according to different purposes of the bottom material hardness, appropriate design of positioning in certain vibration can lift. So, to prevent puncture in the bottom should not be too soft, or it will make its stability. According to the previous production method is generally by the compromise method to obtain the appropriate stability, to absorb vibration etc. But each kind of shoes design is made as a reference type, and each one's foot type is different, the foot of the thickness measure is different also, so the design more perfect is not necessarily can meet to each foot, when there is no meet the requirements, there will be uneven when their feet have fatigue in standing or walking. Now the sole elastic soles and hard material soles, these shoes can't natural arc bottom line the bottom of your feet with all kinds of people, workers in such XieXing walk the impact of the production will not be able to make the foot force equilibrium, how comfortable shoes in this? Not to mention will also affect the foot health problems. About anti puncture in the bottom of softness, actually it is more important is that we have picked the right shoes and the place of use, design good shoes can't absolutely perfect, just like people, no one is perfect! Only in this way can buy to truly give enough protection against the piercing in the bottom!
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