Workers need to wear resistant to high temperature iron and steel industry safety shoes or wearing extra safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Underground coal mining operation workers need to wear shoes with industrial and mining, power plant operation workers need to wear insulated shoes, site construction workers need to wear labor insurance shoes, what's for the steel industry workers need a pair of shoes to protecting their feet? As you all know, the steel industry is engaged in ferrous metal mineral acquisition and black metal smelting processing industry production activities of industries, such as generation of ironmaking for the most part USES blast furnace ironmaking, individual by the methods of direct reduction ironmaking and electric furnace ironmaking. Concentrated hazardous factors in the process of iron and steel smelting, and in the event of accident can cause serious consequences, heavy casualties. Steel is mainly manufacturing & other The weight & throughout; Or iron, aluminum, steel, such as the work of contact, with such as steel & other; Dangerous & throughout; Physical contact, therefore has high heavy iron plate, iron plate semi-finished products, iron products, such as the weight off the parts instep, toes or potential danger to the foot of safety, so the workers must wear protective role has the basic prevention safety shoes. At the same time, when the iron or steel, furnace operators may be molten metal or molten slag before burns; In the ingot casting workshop, ladle rollover or loss will cause burns; Beside the soaking pit, workers stumble may encounter on the hot metal; Spill of molten metal in the process of smelting or Mars might burn operators eyes, feet and other parts of the body, so the steel workers also need to be able to heat resisting up safety shoes, and puncture-proof safety shoes. To prevent steel smelting accident, reduce the accident harm to personnel, the enterprise must do to improve conditions and strengthen protection simultaneously, take strict measures to improve the work condition, strengthen the protection of workers. In order to reduce the damage, should also let the workers take individual protection measures, wear individual protective equipment, such as helmets, protective glasses, protective gloves, protective clothing, prevent hit safety shoes, and puncture-proof safety shoes, high temperature resistant safety shoes.
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