Work safety shoes effectively solves the harm and safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-07-08
Safety shoes solve the harm work effectively, and the difference between safety shoes

the difference between the safety shoes and safety shoes

a lot of people will have any questions, as the protective safety shoes and safety shoes? Safety shoes is a kind of protection against the dangers of the work environment characteristics and damage to the feet have the effect of protection, and safety shoes? Safety shoes and protective shoes collectively, belongs to the high technology content and high added value of footwear products. In order to solve all the confusion, today small make up you explain it for you.

safety shoes and safety shoes are two different types of shoes, in terms of the number of national standard, national standard number is GB21148 - safety shoes Number 2007, the national standard of protective footwear is GB21147 - 2007. Although protective shoes superior shock resistance, but the impact resistance of safety shoes is higher than protective shoes. Protective shoe pressure resistance ten times higher than the professional shoes and the safety of pressure resistance higher than protective shoes in half. So you can see safety shoes and safety shoes are not the same, the performance in all aspects of safety shoes is much higher than safety shoes.

safety shoes effectively solve the harm work

safety shoes mainly for protective work needs to be done, now a lot of work brings with it a occupational disease, as people awareness of protection is getting higher and higher, protective measures are inevitable.

the protective function of safety shoes have: resistance, anti-static, smashing, impact resistant, non-slip, such as characteristic, the work of the damage can have very good protection.

general need safety shoes to bring harm protection work of industry are: mechanical industry, metallurgical industry, building industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, mining, oil industry, electric power and other industries, these industries are special.

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