Winter construction, bear in mind that this five protection!

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Although the weather was cold, action inconvenience, but there can be no let up production safety work. Winter construction, the five protection is important! 1, 1) to prevent falling accident People with diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy, shall not work on, it is forbidden to drink on homework; 2) Homework personnel should go up and down professional safe passage, ban on hands and feet climbing frame pole; 3) Aerial work, must wear a seat belt, wearing a helmet, wear soft bottom shoes, well bottom and cuff. 2, 1) to prevent pit accident To minimize the foundation pit slope top load; 2) Well dewatering measures, to ensure stability during excavation; 3) Good control of slope; 4) Excavation and supporting in strict accordance with the design requirements. 3, 1) to prevent mechanical operation accident Machinery in the process of operation, no clear veins near the short steel directly with hands and sundry; 2) Operation, the operator may not leave work without authorization, shall, from time to time, pay attention to the operation situation, if there are any abnormal, stop in time, for maintenance. 1) 4, prevent to get an electric shock accident Periodically check the site distribution box and switch box, lamps, etc. , once found that aging, damage, etc. ) in a timely manner to repair or replacement. 2) Place in the open air of electric welding machine, cutting machine, steel processing machinery Settings such as rain and snow prevention facilities, prevent the rain and snow into the equipment, dangerous. 3) Living areas prohibit disorderly pull wire, high power equipment is strictly prohibited. 1) 5, prevent fire accident After work, a switch power, lock switch box; 2) Welding area should remove flammable items, or cover, isolation; 3) Ban on smoking in the workplace, lest cause a fire.
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